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Глаз заплыл, пиджак в пыли, под кроватью брюки... - ДНЕВНИК ЭКОНОМИСТА — ЖЖ
Глаз заплыл, пиджак в пыли, под кроватью брюки...
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b0p0h0k From: b0p0h0k Date: Ноябрь, 8, 2017 02:51 (UTC) (Ссылка)
Вот и Sebestyen похожие параллели проводит:
He lies shamelessly; he promises anything and everything; he offers very simple solutions to complicated problems. This is very recognizable today. When it came down to it, Lenin’s messages were often very simple, very pithy, very direct. He would have been fantastic on Twitter. I mean, his slogan — Peace, Land, Bread — it’s a lot less than 140 characters. I really do think he is the godfather of post-truth politics, and I think we’re seeing Leninist stuff going on in our politics quite often.
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