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Глаз заплыл, пиджак в пыли, под кроватью брюки... - ДНЕВНИК ЭКОНОМИСТА — ЖЖ
Глаз заплыл, пиджак в пыли, под кроватью брюки...
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jescid From: jescid Date: Ноябрь, 15, 2017 12:44 (UTC) (Ссылка)

Путинский режимъ!

During the US-backed genocide in East Timor, the Indonesian military carried out a "encirclement and annihilation" campaign where they used chemical weapons (including napalm) to poison food & water supplies.

As a result of the destruction of food crops, many civilians were forced to surrender to the Indonesian military forces. Often, when surviving villagers came down to lower-lying regions to surrender, the military would execute them.

Those who weren’t killed were sent to concentration camps, where they were subjected to enforced starvation. The UN found that up to 180,000 Timorese died due to starvation during the Indonesian occupation.

This week in 1991, US-armed Indonesian military forces opened fire on a peaceful march in East Timor, killing 250 people. The massacre was just one of many in the US-supported East Timorese genocide, which killed 200,000.

At the time, the Indonesian army relied on the United States for 90 percent of its arms. The UN ordered Indonesia to leave East Timor, but the US ambassador to the UN made sure the UN was “utterly ineffective in whatever measures it undertook”.

The massacre continued, peaking in 1978 with the help of new arms provided by the Carter administration. The toll to date is estimated at about 200,000, the worst slaughter relative to population since the Holocaust.

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